Dual diagnosis

Dual diagnosis term is used for mental condition where a person experiences the mental health as well as substance misuse issue. Dual Diagnosis is a situation where a person has development issues and mental health issues. In the developmental disability, a person is unable to understand the normal cognitive functions and take part in daily life in an effective manner. The person having the development disability is unable to interact with the normal people. This issue starts to appear after 18 years of age. The issue of Dual Diagnosis is also related with the misuse of drugs. These drugs affect the person’s ability to think and perform the function of life.

Dual Diagnosis being the new and evolving field and the experts still understand the impact of mental health as well as the substance misuse along with the ways of curing and prevention taking place.  In case of mental illness, the ability of a person to thinks and take decision is impaired. The types of the mental illness are: anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

Likewise, the drug use may include the abuse of drug, use of drug without doctor’s prescription and using the drug to fight with the affects of another drug. It is observed that the people experience different sort of feelings. Some people get their anxiety worse while using the alcohols while other get their schizophrenia issue after consuming drugs like cannabis.

What should be done with Dual Diagnosis

It is difficult to live with the dual diagnosis as the person is unable to function in normal life. His thoughts are impaired ad his concentration level is down.

Learning about the mental health issues:

One must know the mental health issues to help someone who is facing the difficulty. The understanding of the problem is the first step towards the resolution. Hence it is imperative to learn about the mental health issues.

Understanding the fact that there might be a level of Stigma attached:

The social pressure is attached with the mental health and it is a stigma. Therefore one must understand that the helping someone to get out of this stigma is very important for the self growth of an individual.

Person should be encourages to get help:

In some scenarios, people are ofraid to disclose their substance use. They face it lonely and hence fuhter get frustrated. The patient fcing the substamnce misuse and mental health issues reated to it should be encouraged to seek help. This will help him to get out of the issue and get better.


A person need to be patient:

The mental health issues arising due to substance use or drug use need the attention of doctors as well family and friends. In this regard, the person facing the mental health isuse need have the patience.

            Dual diagnosis is condition where a person is not stabilized and his mental health is deteriorate due to substance or drug use. As a consequence, his daily working is impaired and he is unable to concentrate on daily routine matters. The person needs attention of doctors and family . Te drug is withdrawn slowly and yet effectively.