Gender Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria is a condition developed in a person as result of the discomfort arising due to the gender. A person whose sex declared at the birth is not conforming to the certain standards experiences gender dysphoria. This disorder arises in the transgender and gender non conforming person who do not come to the terms with their identity.

In this disoerder a person with traits of a male get the strong desire to be recognized as a female and likewise a female with traits of a female would like to be treated as a male. Hence Dysphoria is a strong feeling of dissatisfaction with one’s body arising due to deficiencies. This leads to the severe anxiety and depression 


The person affected by the gender dysphoria is at distress with his sexual characteristics.  The person is in anticipation to get rid of his primary or secondary sex characteristics due to non conformance with the established facts. This issue starts from childhood and lead to adolescence


People who experience gender dysphoria face many issue in their life. Initially they refuse to go to the school as they think that they will be taunted by other people. Moreover, the people with this disorder are reluctant to marry with other gender due to deficiencies in their body. Likewise, the  a person with this disorder also refuses to go to work. As a consequence, drop out from school happens and the person becomes lonely. Furthermore, the person also loses his job and become idle which leads to further complications in the life.

Treatment for Gender Dysphoria:

The treatment of the gender dysphoria is very important in order for a person to perform normally in his life. In case the dysphoria is not treated the person may get misfit in the society and his feelings would lead him to further complications in the form of stress and anxiety.

Therapy to treat the dysphoria is necessary for the person to get on with the life. The therapy will assist a person that he is normal and he needs to act as a normal male or female. Sometimes, the therapy also realizes a person to understand his realty and get with the life. It is taught to person with dysphoria that whatever is happening with his personality it is not in his control and he needs to understand that fact get on with the life.  

For some people medical help is required in the form of change in their appearance and some time hormonal change is required. The person gets a plastic surgery to look like his desired personality be it a male or female. Likewise, the hormonal disorder after treatment makes a person satisfied with his personality.

Finally, Gender Dysphoria is once dissatisfaction with his current gender and it leads to his issues with the life and daily routine. He issue can be diluted after therapy and medical treatments to one’s satisfaction.