Which Doctor should I See at DFWPMA & FCVC?

At DFWPMA & FCVC, we consider it our responsibility to create needed specialties offering both specialized and highly trained Physicians. We strive to offer multi-faceted care that helps our patients live their best quality of life.

The Physicians of DFWPMA & FCVC intend to curate a complete package of services that address our patient’s health concerns in a comprehensive manner. Our specialty departments come together to provide the most suitable course of treatment through a multidisciplinary approach.

1.      Cardiology

  • Interventional Cardiology ( Heart Doctors )

A super-specialty, interventional cardiology requires cross-discipline knowledge of cardiology and internal medicine. It also demands the physician to be both physically sound and mentally agile. Such a high-caliber physician is responsible for diagnosing and treating a wide range of cardiac conditions using the latest cardiac technology in office, treating with the latest cardiac medications, & where needed, to provide patients the latest interventional cardiac procedures performed both in office and hospital.

  • Vascular Cardiology

Another sub-specialty of cardiology, vascular cardiology couples heart care with vein care. We have a team of vascular cardiologists who offer vascular intervention, especially in patients with diabetes, PAD, and DVT.

Proper intervention at the right time improves the patient’s quality of life suffering from pain, immobility, or other life-crippling problems.

2.      Family Practice

Our doctors will take complete care of your family, from adolescents to adults. They understand the spectrum of issues that face each age group and conduct annual preventative care, chronic disease care, family planning, along-side your everyday and unexpected immediate sick visits.

3.      Internal Medicine

Unlike Family Practice, Internal Medicine only treats adults. You may be facing problems that can be neurological, gastric, muscular, skeletal in nature, or more. Our Internal Medicine physicians understand your various health challenges and support you in managing them.

4.      Geriatric Medicine

The elderly need specialist care. Our geriatric physicians help them navigate daily life challenges and serios health problems with expert advice. Our doctors will make you feel at ease while finding solutions to your complex health issues.


5.      Behavioral Health

  • Psychiatry

We have a full-fledged psychiatry department to treat patients suffering from psychological problems in the early to advanced stages. Psychiatric care is offered in areas such as but not limited to Bi-Polar disorder, Mood Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. What sets DFWPMA & FCVC aside in Psychiatry is our special focus in attention deficit disorder and Autism for both pediatric and Adults.

Psychiatric care is available for ages 4 years to 100+.

  • Therapy & Counselling

We have added another specialty to DFWPMA & FCVC. This specialty department has been established for patients who need counseling/ therapy with or without seeing a psychiatrist. The idea is to provide our patients with complete behavioral support under one roof.

At DFWPMA & FCVC, we have developed solutions that solve your health problems irrespective of your age or intensity of the disease. We want to improve the quality of healthcare for you – one specialty at a time.