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Medical Associates.

Multispecialty medical care, so you can have it all in one place.



Our Health Mission

Our goal at DFWPMA is to make our patients feel like a member of our family, by providing the finest care when it comes to Cardiac Care, Family Practice and Psychiatry. Our highly skilled team of healthcare providers will make sure to put our patients’ needs and comfort above all else. Your physical and mental wellbeing are our top priority.


We promise to provide our patients with the care and attention they deserve. We can assure you their needs will be perfectly met at every stage of their life, and to fulfill that promise, we offer you top rated medical services thanks to our exceptional team of healthcare providers. You can trust us.

Health Care Made Simple.

Our Practices.


Providing high-quality cardiology services and helping find long-term answers to cardiac problems.

Family Practice & Internal Medicine

Family Practice & Internal Medicine

Serving the entire family with exceptional Primary Care. 

psychiatry .

Psychiatrists diagnose illness provide a range of therapies for complex and serious mental illness.

Covid-19 Vaccine & Rapid Testing

We know this year has been a difficult one. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all in ways we could have never imagined. We have had to adjust as well as we can to meet the needs of our families, friends and coworkers — while still checking in on our own health and wellness needs.



The medical staff is great! I can’t think of going anywhere else. Ani is very caring, professional, and informative. She calls me to inquire about how I am doing even though I know she has a very busy schedule. DFWPMA makes me feel secure about my health needs.
P. Gamill
I am extremely pleased about visiting DFW Physicians Medical Associates they are very attentive. The doctors make my wife and I feel like we are completely taken care of. I cannot say enough.
Mr. Ray
I am very comfortable with the staff here. They take care of anything and everything I call about. I feel like I can trust DFWPMA with my life. I am thankful for them.
Jo R.



Health Care Made Simple.

Providing Excellent Healthcare Services.

DFW Physicians Medical Associates is a first-rate multispecialty medical clinic that focuses on primary care, cardiac care and behavioral health. Our aim is to offer the best medical services to individuals and families in Sherman, Texas, and the surrounding areas. What distinguishes DFW Physicians Medical Associates is the way our highly skilled practitioners bring a warm approach to healthcare services, so our patients always feel like that they are treated by people who deeply care about their wellbeing.



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