A Letter From Our CEO

In Pursuit of Possibilities

I am proud to provide a clear sense of direction for our patient clinics and lead by example. Our network of specialist providers is on the forefront of medical innovation, and we are passionate about providing the highest level of care. It is my job to make sure that physicians have access to the funds, resources, and partnerships to make it happen.

Let us remove barriers, improve access, and take preventative steps to manage symptoms. Above all, we strive to integrate health care more seamlessly within our communities we serve:

No one should miss their Cardiac Visits ,  Sick Visits or Geriatric Visits because they do not have a ride. So, we look to partner with facilities and implement telemedicine to make this happen.

No  Family Caring for Adult Parents , A Pediatric or  Adolescent should struggle with mental health alone. So, we expanded our psychiatric treatment and testing services with the addition of In-School  Support Programs, Group homes, &  Community Memory, Home Health Initiation , Autism & ADD education.

No family should suffer the stress and frustration of not being heard and offered the remedies to improve daily behavioral issues.  So, we are proud to announce DFWPMA & FCVC’s Behavioral Health Therapy. Licensed Professional Counselors are a major attribute while working in collaboration with  DFWPMA & FCVC Family Practice /Internal Medicine , Cardiology , & Psychiatry Specialties. By  Adding Therapy we look to ease the challenging transitions in life one day at a time.  

Everything we do centers on you. DFWPMA & FCVC simply listens and embraces the possibilities.

Wishing you good health,

Delilah Brandt, M.B.A. C.E.O